Nike weighs in on potential growth areas for smart fabrics

11 April 2012

Smart Fabrics Applications - What's Next?

 For the final installment in our series of speaker profiles leading up to the start of Smart Fabrics 2012, we spoke with Patrick Williams, Apparel Innovation, Nike, on his predictions for growth within the industry. REGISTER now to hear more from Patrick on where he sees the most opportunity for expansion in smart fabric technology.

In your opinion, what are the fields of application for smart fabrics with more potential to grow? What hasn't been explored yet that could incorporate smart textiles for more efficiency?
There are several opportunities for smart textiles to become a regular part of our lives. As electronics and computing power continue to become cheap and ubiquitous, smart textiles will be integrated to a much higher degree than they are today. Fields of application with more potential to grow would certainly be athletics and general well-being. I also think that the automotive industry has an enormous potential for the use of smart textiles in the coming years -- many of the challenges of integration today (power and interconnect) can initially be achieved in platforms like automobiles where there is already an inherent power supply and opportunities to integrate through concealment.

What are the latest innovations happening at Nike? Could you give us a brief preview of what you're going to present at the conference?
Obviously it is difficult for us to disclose what we're working on in this environment - suffice to say, we have some very exciting things coming in the near future!

What are you looking forward to hear at the Smart Fabrics Conference this April in Miami?
I am looking forward to hearing from the new companies who haven't been part of the conference in the past. Having not been able to attend the last two years, I am anxious to hear how the main technologies have evolved. Like most attendees, I am looking forward to hearing the common themes among speakers and attendees with respect to technologies and applications.




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